Nairobi motorists speak on parking fees hike

14:39 06/02/2014 Nairobi - The doubling of the parking fees in Nairobi County, which took effect on Wednesday morning, appears to have caught motorists unaware.

Following the implementation of the fees, motorists were left with no choice but to dig deeper into their pockets.

The fees has been increased from KES 140 to KES 300 following a new law in the County Gazette.

“I spend at most two hours in town to conduct my business and then leave. It does not make business sense for me to pay KES 300 for me to park my vehicle for two hours in the central business district,” said one motorist.

The new county gazette notice authorizes increase in fees, taxes and service charges for city residents. The increase comes a few days after traders demonstrated against the increase in taxes to the county for selling goods in the city markets.

An injunction had earlier been given to the county government blocking the increase in parking fees but the expiry of the injunction seems to have motivated the county to re-introduce the charges.

In the new county law, parking fees outside the CBD has been raised to KES 200 and for non-automated areas within the city centre will be KES 400.

Automated parking however will be charged at KES 50 per hour, whereas quarterly packing tickets now attract a charge of KES 12 000 while losing a parking ticket will amount to a fine of KES 1 000.

The automated hourly packing tickets have however gone up by Shs 20 from the KES 30 that the County government Minister for Transport had said it would be.

– CAJ News