Villagers lynch 2 suspected gangsters

James Kabotia 14:25 12/06/2013 Angry members of Public early Wednesday lynched two suspected gangsters believed to be behind a series of armed robberies at Kegau village in Gichugu constituency, Kirinyaga County.

The suspects were cornered by rowdy residents after robbing two prominent farmers off money and other goods at the wee hours of the day.

According to Kirinyaga East OCPD Martha Mutegi, the suspects who were in a group of five man gang raided the homes of Cyrus Kinyua and Elias Kariuki at around 1.00 am while armed with crude weapons and robbed them off KES 1 500 and house hold goods.

The violent gang broke the doors of the two neighboring homesteads with a huge stone before gaining entry.

The gangsters terrorised the families for about three hours, beating the two men wives with whips and crude weapons inorder to force them to produce more money.

The suspects who police described as ruthless seriously injured the farmers' wives Libby Mukami and Jane Wawira on the head, hand and back but quick intervention by residents saved them.

“One of the suspects had threatened to kill the two women if they failed to produce more money but quick interventions by the residents saved their lives,” said the OCPD.

The OCPD praised the neighbors of the two victims for their quick and timely interventions pointing that after they heard commotions in the two homesteads, they mobilised the villagers who rushed to the scene and rescued the families from the gang.

Rowdy residents later mounted a manhunt for the suspects and after a few hours they managed to apprehend two suspects whom they beat senselessly before forcing them to reveal names of all their accomplices.

The Police boss said, “The suspects revealed the names of all other criminals they were working with before they were killed by members of public. This is a major breakthrough in fight against crime in the area.”

Mutegi indentified the dead suspect as David Muthike, saying that he was released recently from prison after completing his 2-year jail term for theft.

“The name of his other accomplice was not immediately established but we understand he comes from the neighboring Karatina district,” he revealed.

The Police boss also revealed that the three who managed to cheat death by a whisker after they escaped from blood baying residents through Njukiini forest are also known jail birds, pointing that all the suspects have been notorious thugs in the area and have been under police watch since they were released from prison.

The OCPD however cautioned the residents against taking law in to their hands noting that all suspects should be handed over to the Police.

He said that though the suspects are known to be notorious criminals, natural justice dictates that they should have a day in court and not dead through mob justice as this will breed lawlessness.

The bodies were later removed to Kibugi funeral home as Police launched manhunt for the remaining three suspects.

“I urge the residents not to kill suspects after arresting them but to hand them over to me and I promise I'll ensure they get maximum penalty for their actions,” said the Police Commander.

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