Govt urged to train Bodaboda operators

12:38 26/09/2012

The government has been urged to embark on serious training of Boda Boda operators on road safety measures to reduce the escalating motorcycle accidents in the Country.

Speaking yesterday when more than 800 Boda boda operators in Tigania West District underwent a one day seminar training on road safety sensitization, the area D.O I, Justus Mititu said many operator lack basic knowledge of traffic rules.

During the workshop that was sponsored by Armory Development Centre a community empowerment organization in partnership with area traffic police, the Boda Boda operators were warned on over speeding and carrying excess passengers.

ADC Director Mr Godfrey Mwika said that the area has been experiencing accidents involving motorcycle riders in the last eight months, a move that said has caused more than 20 deaths and more than 30 injuries

He noted the government needs to come up with a programme to train the riders claiming majority of them do not own licenses and insurance cover.

“Some of these motorbike riders are not experienced. We appreciate the business has promoted self employment especially to the youths so the government can promote the industry by safeguarding and protecting the business,” said Mwika.

 “We have been attending several burials of boda boda operators in the last eight months. Many of them are admitted in hospital from injuries sustained in motorbike accidents. We have trained 800 operators on road safety and how to increase their income. We want to ensure that they run this business safely and within the law,” he added.


He noted that most operators have been disregarding the laws governing the boda boda business such as use of helmets, reflector jackets and number of passengers to carry.

Addressing the crowd Gladys Gacheri, a female Boda Boda operator in the area lauded the organizers noting that most of them have been ignorant of the traffic rules.

“I realized that I can make a living out of Boda boda business. This seminar has enabled us know a lot about road use and safety. I urge other ladies who are jobless to try venture into this rather than being idle,” she said.

Mititu added said the training will go a long way in curbing road accidents and streamlining the boda boda business in Tigania West.