Government institutions owe Malindi Water Company millions

Alloys Musyoka 17:15 02/05/2012 Several government institutions in Malindi have piled up water debt to KES 12 million which they owe Malindi Water and Sewerage Company.

Malindi Water and Sewerage Company Limited Managing Director Johnson Randu said three government institutions have a debt of up KES 12 million which they have failed to clear up to date.

He said Malindi General Hospital, Malindi Prison and Malindi police station also owe the water company millions of cash though they have continued to consume water from the company.

“It is disappointing to see these government officers failing to settle their water bills in time while they still need to consume water,” he noted.

Randu noted that Malindi district Hospital is the largest water user with debt of KES 6 million, Malindi Prison KES 5 million and Malindi police station with a debt of KES 1 million.

He said they were forced to stop providing water services to Malindi District Hospital but they reconnected after they agreed to pay it by Thursday this week.

“Last week we decided to disconnect water supply at the Hospital but we reconnected after they agreed to settle the bill by Thursday this week so we are waiting to see if they will comply,” he added.

Randu noted that though the Hospital pays monthly payment of 350,000 shillings to the Water Company the amount keeps on pilling.

He called on all institutions which owe the water company to clear their bills in time to avoid inconvenience.

Randu also thanked locals for being patient due to erratic water supply for the last two to three months saying it was as a result problem of power supply.

However he said already they were working together with Kenya Power and Lightening Company to ensure that water consumers are well served.

“Most of the time when they is electricity shortage then supplying water become a challenge and so now we are working hand inn hand with KPLC to make sure all fallen electricity polls are corrected,” he added.

He said since it was the low season when demand of water is low as well as availability of rain there will be no issue of water shortages.