Educated girls engage more in high risk sex

Trudy Tru 15:53 29/10/2012

Young, educated women are more than thrice likely to engage in high –risk sex that their uneducated counterparts, a study suggests.

The research defines high risk partners as having sex with someone who is neither your spouse or the one you are cohabiting with.

According to the study, among sexually active young women, the level of higher-risk sex increases dramatically with education, from 13 percent among those with no education to 50 percent among those with some secondary or higher education.

These means five in 10 of sexually active young women are more likely to have multiple partners than their uneducated counters. Nearly two in ten of uneducated young women will engage in high risk sex.

Although condom use is high among sexually active young women with secondary or higher education, women in this age group report inconsistent condom use. 

The proportion of those who used a condom the first time they have sex ranges from 3 percent for those with no education, to 39 percent for those with some secondary education.