Church suspends pastor who was caught with another man's wife

Nechesa Chemoi 07:10 10/02/2014 Embu - The Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG) church in Embu has suspended a pastor who was caught in a hotel room with another man’s wife last week Wednesday.

Pastor Antony Maina admitted to have committed the sin and apologized to the congregation.

He said he had sinned against God and that he had already asked for forgiveness from him.

Maina’s wife, who had also accompanied him, said she had also forgiven him.

“As his wife I have forgiven him. My husband is like a wounded soldier and the church should do what a battalion does when one of its own is wounded,” said Maina’s wife.

His children also said they had forgiven him since he will always be their father, and that they still love and respect him even after the incident.

The church’s leadership said Maina will no longer serve in the church until investigations into the matter are complete and a decision is reached.

Maina was last week Wednesday, caught in a hotel in Karatina, Nyeri County, with the wife of another man said to be a mechanic.
He however managed to escape after ordeal.