Budget Committee gives 2013/14 budget proposals

Samuel Kisika 17:37 03/06/2013 The Parliamentary Budget Committee has stated that the total budget for 2013/2014 financial year stands at KES 1.642 Trillion.

Speaking during the launch of the National Hearing for Public Budget forum in Nairobi, Hon. Mutava Musyimi, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee and MP for Mbeere South Constituency, said that public involvement in budget proposals previously helped the government to limit resource wastage.

"Public consultations on budget estimates are anchored in Article 221(5) of the Constitution which seeks representations from the public for recommendations on budget issues and through this, the Parliament was able to cut wasteful expenditure in 2012/2013 to a tune of KES 19.4 billion," said Musyimi.

Musyimi said that the components of budget allocations proposal are KES 605.99 billion for Recurrent Expenditure, KES 380.29 billion for Consolidated Fund Services, KES 453.7 billion for Development Expenditure, KES 198.69 billion for County Governments Allocations and KES 3.4 billion for Equalization Fund. All the expenditure amounts to KES 1.642 Trillion.

Musyimi added that as provided in the Constitution concerning fourth schedule on National level functions, the Agriculture sector is to be allocated KES 36.691 billion and KES 34.66 billion for the Health sector.

He further stated that other key priority spending areas in the proposed budget allocation include the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to receive KES 143.1 billion, KES 130.56 billion for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, KES 108.94 billion for the Ministry Interior and Co-ordination of National Government, KES 84.86 billion for the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, and KES 78.5 billion for the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.

"There is resource allocation in the budget on substantial activities to curb unemployment especially among the youths which breeds idleness and despair that results in increased crime and abuse of alcohol and substances," he further noted.

He said the government has committed an increased allocation of resources to notable areas like the Roads sector, Energy, Housing and Slums upgrading, Water and Irrigation programmes, and proper management and disbursement of Youth Fund and Women Fund to create more employment opportunities.

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